Technical Audit

Many of the 200 factors that Google uses to rank websites in the search results are technical “behind-the-scenes” issues.  Our technical audit will investigate such issues and highlight where improvements can be made that could help a website rank higher.  Many of these issues are highly technical and most website owners are unaware of them or their impact on search rankings.


Over time, many different things can happen that penalise a website, pushing it lower down the search engine results.  The severity of this can vary from mild to very severe.  Sometimes it can prevent one or more pages of a website being seen by potential customers.  It can even stop websites getting any enquiries at all for searches on some keywords or phrases.  Technical problems are usually far from obvious and occur without the website owner’s knowledge.  So companies are often completely unaware that their website has been adversely affected. 

Our technical audit will investigate technical issues and recommend improvements that could help boost search engine ranking.

What is included in our Technical Seo Audit?

The technical audit is an important element of any seo campaign.  Our audits drill deep down into websites to uncover technical issues.  The problems we look for include:-


  • Structure and organisation of the website

  • Page index issues

  • Problems with links

  • Sitemaps

  • Title and Meta tags

  • Redirect problems

  • Content and other issues that could be penalising the website

  • Other technical issues


Don’t worry if you do not  know what the above mean – many people don’t!  We will take care of it all for you. 

When we find technical problems we often fix them ourselves.  Or where input is needed from your company, we provide you with advice on how to best fix the problem, then agree the best way forward in conjunction with you.

More details of our Technical Seo Audit

Experience shows that carrying out a technical seo audit can be highly beneficial.  Removing or repairing technical issues that are stopping the website achieving its full potential can reap huge rewards by increasing website enquiries and sales considerably. 


For more details of our technical seo audit and how we can help you gain more customers and sales, please ring us on 01727 864665 or click on contact technical seo audit.

We are based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, but carry out work for companies throughout the UK.

Technical seo audit from a company in St Albans Hertfordshire, UK

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