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Links are a very important factor in achieving a high website ranking.  Google looks at the number and type of links that connect from other websites to yours.  Depending on the type of link it can produce a boost to your website ranking or sometimes it can be detrimental, pushing your website lower down the search results.  So it is very important to gain high quality links.  It is also important to avoid links that impair your search ranking.


We can help companies obtain new high quality links to their website.  Usually it is possible to obtain several beneficial links quickly.  If there is a lot of competition in the search results for your keywords, a larger number of links and higher quality ones will be needed.  This would require a more detailed link building programme  This is not always easy and it can take a long time to see the benefits such a programme.  But it can be very worthwhile.

Assess Current Links

Many of the links that point to your website will have come from sources that you are not aware of.  These tend to occur gradually over time without you doing anything and without your knowledge.  Some of these links may be useful, but some may be harming your search ranking. 


Our seo consultants can carry out a detailed investigation into the links pointing to your website and identify the beneficial ones and any that are impairing your search ranking.  Then we can take action, as appropriate, to remove or negate the harmful links while retaining the beneficial ones.

Changes to Acceptable Link Techniques

Google keeps changing the way it assesses website rankings, links, etc. and sometimes penalises methods that have been used in the past and which it now disapproves of.  So it is essential to use the latest up-to-date approved methods for achieving a high website ranking.  To avoid damaging seo techniques and harmful links, we follow Google’s own guidelines.


Where work has been carried out on a website by another seo company in the past, sometimes seo link techniques have been used that were beneficial at the time but which Google now frowns upon.  These can damage the search ranking of a website, sometimes massively.  We can identify these harmful link methods and make changes to remove their negative effect on the website ranking. 

More details of our link services

Experience has shown that having sufficient high quality links can have a major effect in helping to boost website enquiries and seo ranking in Google. 


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