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Choosing the keywords to focus on is a key factor in the number of enquires and sales the website achieves.  For some keywords there is a huge amount of competition and many competitors all vying to be number 1 in the search results.  Trying to rank high on these keywords can swallow up huge amounts of money and time with little success.  There are always other keywords and key phrases for which it is much easier to achieve a high ranking.  Yet there is no point focusing on keywords and phrases that potential customers rarely (or never) type into Google (or other search engines).

So a very important step of any seo campaign is to carry out research to identify a range of viable keywords and phrases, then assess them

for relevance, how often they are entered into search engines (their popularity), how much competition there is and how easy it would be to rank high on that keyword or phrase.  We use a range of tools to assist us in this keyword research and to help us identify the optimum keywords or phrases to focus on.  In determining the best keywords, our seo firm focuses firmly on aiming to find the keywords likely to provide the biggest boost to website enquiries and sales in the shortest time.

We also look at the keywords the website is currently targeting and we assess these in terms of their current ranking, relevance, popularity and the potential for ranking higher.  Based on the results of our keyword research, we may well advise that some or all of the current keywords are retained.  However it is likely that we will suggest focusing on different keywords on at least some pages.  Where our advice is to keep existing keywords, we may well suggest changes to the web pages to boost the search ranking of these keywords. 

By considering the content on the pages, we determine the optimum keyword or phrase for each web page.  We often need to add to the content on at least some web pages.  The website owner can provide new text or, if preferred, we can write additional text based on discussions with the website owner on appropriate content and their preferences.

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Experience has shown that keyword research and choosing the optimum keywords is often a major factor in helping to boost website enquiries and seo ranking. 


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