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Many types of small business need customers in an area close to where the business is located.  This applies where the nature of the business means that customers will only consider a local firm or service.  To rank high on local searches, it is necessary to apply specialist local seo techniques as well as the methods highlighted on other pages of this website.  So if your company is in, for example, St. Albans, Welwyn Garden City or Watford and is seeking customers in their nearest town or county (e.g. Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Bucks, Essex etc.), local search engine optimisation methods will be needed to achieve the best results. 

We can help companies throughout the UK to boost website enquiries from within their local area.

Local seo techniques can greatly boost the number of enquires and sales achieved by a website.  There are many types of company and small business that can benefit from local seo promotion.  They include solicitors, builders, restaurants, leisure centres, activity centres, wedding organisers, garden centres, plumbers, window and door installers, plus many other companies.

Our Hertfordshire seo company uses the best local ranking

techniques for each type of business activity.

How our Local Seo Services Work

Seo keyword research

We will assess the most relevant and popular local search keywords for your type of small business, then ensure they are inserted in the best locations on your web pages.


Optimise web pages for local search terms

This includes inserting local keywords in the text that readers see, plus carrying out behind-the-scenes optimisation of web pages.


Optimise your local small business profile

We can use localised profiles and listings to promote your business and help boost it higher up the rankings of local online searches.



We help you obtain suitable links to your website that can provide a big boost to your local search ranking.

A successful local seo campaign includes the following key components:-

More details of our Local Seo Company Services

With local seo techniques that have proved highly successful over many years, we can help your small business get close to the top of the Google search results for local search phrases and keywords.  


Our seo company uses the best available local techniques that apply regardless of where your business is located within the UK. 


To find out how our local seo techniques can help your business increase website enquiries, sales and income, please ring 01727 864665 or click on contact local seo company.

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